Better Breathing for Life offers a unique evidenced based STOP SMOKING programme

“Smokers are 5 times more likely to quit for good with dedicated support compared to will power alone” 

We offer you a bespoke STOP SMOKING NOW programme in the Marbella area.  This unique programme utilises the beneficial effects of a natural herbal product made from the seeds of the “Golden Rain Tree” (Cytisus Laburnum).

This plant based product has been recognised as the closest substance to nicotine and is called Cytisine. In the brain it acts just like nicotine and stimulates the release of pleasure chemicals such as dopamine, which means that withdrawal symptoms from nicotine are greatly reduced. However, it has NONE of the side effects of smoking.

When combined with a stop smoking behaviour change programme, smokers who use Cytisine (taken as a small tablet), are more likely to stop smoking completely at 4 weeks than those who use patches (nicotine replacement therapy). Even after 6 months Cytisine is more effective than   patches and when compared to a dummy tablet or “will power” Cytisine doubles your chance of success.

For best results Cytisine should be taken as part of a stop smoking programme, incorporating education, action planning and behaviour change techniques.

Rachel Garrod Ph.D is a trained smoking cessation counsellor and respiratory specialist.

This comprehensive stop smoking programme consisting of;

  • Assessment of blood pressure and lung function measures.
  • Provision of herbal tablets (Cytisine) proven to reduce the urge to smoke and aid long term quitting
  • 3 specialised coaching sessions to help you stop smoking including hypnotherapy focused on facilitating sub-conscious activity to enable long term cessation of smoking

Comprehensive programme €350 per person


Please contact the clinic if interested.

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Post by: Atlantic Clinic on 20 Sep 2019