Atlantic Clinic - General Practitioners

General Practitioners

Your GP or Family Doctor is the first point of contact for most medical problems. He or she can also deal with minor surgery, joint infiltrations, freezing of skin lesions, vaccinations, child development screening, cervical smears, contraception…

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Atlantic Clinic - Physiotherapy / Chiropracter

Physiotherapy / Chiropracter

Physiotherapists help to rehabilitate and restore function, mobility and quality of life following some impairment due to injury, after an operation or due to disease. They commonly treat sports injuries, back pain, recovery after fractures…

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Atlantic Clinic - General Surgery

General Surgery

General surgeons deal with commonly performed operations such as hernias, bowel surgery, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, gallbladder removal and minor skin operations. They may also carry out gastroscopies and colonoscopies…

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Atlantic Clinic - Orthopaedic surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic surgeons and traumatologists deal with the musculoskeletal system, i.e. bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. They commonly perform operations for bone fractures, joint replacement, muscle, tendon and ligament repairs…

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Atlantic Clinic - Neurosurgery


Neurosurgeons specialize in the nervous system, i.e. the brain and spinal cord. They commonly perform operations for brain tumours, brain haemorrhage, compression of the spinal cord or nerve roots (e.g. herniated disc and sciatica)…

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Atlantic Clinic - Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic & cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgeons alter or restore the form of the body, either to improve the aesthetic appearance of a health body (cosmetic surgery) or to correct abnormalities due to disease or injury. Commonly performed operations…

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Atlantic Clinic - Urology


Urologists specialise in disorders of the urinary tract (i.e. the kidneys, bladder, prostate, and external genitalia) for conditions such as kidney stones, tumours, prostate enlargement and cancer, testicular disease, impotence…

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Atlantic Clinic - Dermatology


Dermatologists specialise in disorders of the skin, hair and nails such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, hair loss or excess, allergies and skin cancers. They may use techniques such as laser, photodynamic therapy and cryosurgery…

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Atlantic Clinic - Psychotherapy


Psychotherapists focus on emotional or mental health problems and help you to deal with such issues in a constructive and supportive way. They do not prescribe medication, but use  techniques such as cognitive behaviour therapy…

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Atlantic Clinic - Laboratory


Clinical analysis is the testing of blood, urine, swabs, and other samples to detect or monitor disease. Samples may be taken by your Doctor or by the Analyst and most tests are performed on-site, with the results returned…

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Atlantic Clinic - Other Services

Other Services

Medically related services such as midwifery, antenatal classes, home nursing, CPR and first aid classes, audiology and electrophysiology are also available at Atlantic Clinic…

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