Clinical analysis is the testing of blood, urine, swabs, and other samples to detect or monitor disease.

Samples may be taken by your doctor or by the analyst and most tests are performed on-site, with the results returned in 24 hours or less (some more complicated tests take longer).

Testing can be performed at the request of your doctor or individually.

All types of COVID-19 tests are available

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Susana Navarro Villalba

Susana Navarro Villalba is a Spanish-trained Specialist in Clinical Analysis.


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🇪🇸  Native speaker
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Qualifications and memberships

Licensed Specialist in Clinical Analysis
Licensed from the University of Malaga in Biological Sciences 1989
 Member of the College of Biologists of Andalucia no. C0BA 0188 since 1989
 Founder Member of the Spanish Association of Biological Clinical Analysts
 Member of the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology
 Member of the Spanish Association of Pharmaceutical Analysts.
 Laboratory Biomar holds the Certificate of Quality ISO 9001, no. ES 14/17082

Areas of special interest

Sperm analysis and male fertility
Determining the gender and abnormalities of your unborn baby from the mother’s blood sample (non-invasive prenatal testing)
Paternity testing
Food intolerances

Frequently performed tests

Cholesterol and cardiovascular screening
General check-up (blood count, liver, kidneys etc)
Well man check (including PSA)
Well woman check
STI (Sexually transmitted infection) screening, HIV, Chlamydia etc.

Basic STI screening:  Chlamydia antigen and Gonorrhoea antigen €75

Standard STI screening: HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Microscopy & Gonnorhoea €146.50

Fertility testing
Genetic testing
Hormone testing

Training and background

Susana worked for 3 years in a private laboratory in Malaga before opening her own centre for clinical analysis, Biomar, in 1990.

In 2015 she expanded by opening a new branch laboratory within Atlantic Clinic, installed with the latest generation equipment.

This provides a rapid, high quality analysis and ensures excellent communication between the laboratory and staff of the clinic.