Physiotherapists help to rehabilitate and restore function, mobility and quality of life following some impairment due to injury, after an operation or due to disease. They commonly treat sports injuries, back pain, recovery after fractures and orthopedic surgery, and stroke rehabilitation.

Chiropractors use manipulation of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine and other joints and soft tissues to treat mechanical disorders. Techniques used may include ultrasound and laser treatments.

Dr Gabriel Falón

Dr. Luis Gabriel Falon is an Argentinian-trained Physiotherapist 


English: fluent
Spanish: native speaker

Qualifications and memberships

B.Sc. (Bachelor of Kinesiology and physiatrist) 1994
Registered with College of Kinesiologists and Physiotherapists in march 1995
Complete bachelor degree in Kinesiology and physiatry December 2001
Homologate Bachelor of Kinesiology to Physiotherapist Spain March 2002
Registered with Colegio de Fisioterapeutas de Andalucia no. 2216


Areas of special interest:

Back pain
Sports injuries
Post-surgical rehabilitation
Lymphatic drainage
Postural disorders and ergonomy


Frequently treated conditions

Back and neck pain
Postural disorder
Post-surgical rehabilitation hips and knees

Training and background

Mr. Falon graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in December of 1994. He then specialized in sports injuries at different qualified Clinics, as well as working as the Physiotherapist for different teams of the National Basketball League between 1996 to 2001.

Alongside this, he taught at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and UIAI as a professor at the chairs of Semiology, clinical diagnosis & pathology, physio techniques, and Biomedics. He continued to work as a professor at INTRAR ( Instituto de Traumatologia y rehabilitation Deportiva) of Physiotherapists postgraduate courses until he left Buenos Aires in December of 2001.

He Specialization in Isokinetic rehabilitation and he also dedicated himself to Physiotherapy in postural disorders and Geriatrics.

Upon arrival at Spain in December of 2001 he proceeded to the validation of Bachelor of Kinesiology to Physiotherapist and then he began to work at different Clinics on the Costa del Sol. Among them: Cortijo Park Nursing Home, Residencia Hermanos Maristas Benalmadena for twelve years, Sandalf Clinic and Triay Medical Centre.

He completed a specialization in Dry Puncture myofascial pain syndrome and techniques of joint manipulation and osteopathic and hydrotherapy.

In the last three years, he has worked with High Care International Hospital Marbella.

After a period of collaboration with Dr. Crichton Smith in Atlantic Clinic he is now joining the permanent staff.